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Lal Kitab

The Lal Kitab contains poetic verses on philosophy; nuances etc. form the upayas or farmanns, i.e. recommended remedies.

 It is also believed to have origins in Persian literature and astrology. In fact, through its origins, it has led to the creation of a new field of Lal Kitab remedies.

Lal Kitab  is a set of five books on Vedic astrology and palmistry, written in Urdu and later, in the Hindi script too. Poetic verses with philosophy and hidden nuances form the core farmanns or upaya (remedy recommended) of the book.

Lal Kitab Predictions are based on the planetary positions in the twelve houses. According to the Lal Kitab, when a planet's influence is in accordance to the house it is seated in, the Lal Kitab Predictions and Remedies work wonders. Lal Kitab is gaining in popularity thanks to its unique remedies.

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